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Tawny Owl in Flight (Strix Aluco)

The Tawny Owl is a woodland bird found throughout Europe. It has the most easily recognisable call of almost any bird.

The call we recognise is T-wit T-woo, followed by a quieter trill of huhuhuhooo

This owl is heard much more often than seen, being well-camouflaged in its speckled brown feathers with paler chest.

Capturing a shot with this owl in motion is a rare experience.

In the shade of the woodland, the shutter speed had to be lower than I wanted. However, the slow speed makes this shot. It tells a great story.

Despite the motion indicated by the blurred wings, the head remains absolutely level as the bird barrels towards me. Those eyes remain in focus,

The proximity of the trees is evidence of a varied flight path as they hunt for food, but they are unerring as they sweep silently past.

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