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Woohoo I made it - 31 posts in 31 days!

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

I got this one!

I'm so pleased to have completed this challenge, and I've learned a great deal.

One of the most important lessons I've learned is having a challenge like this can help attain a target. The desire to remain part of a community striving for the same goal keeps you motivated when things get tough. And they do get tough! It's amazing the curve balls life throws at you in a month.

Keeping On Target

I've also learned that I can write a blog post every single day. But it doesn't have to be a massive, highly-researched post. In fact, if I'd tried that, I never would have succeeded. Shorter posts have value, too - thoughts on a quote, a poem, a tip of the day or an uplifting message are gentle pauses for both reader and writer.

For this challenge, the organiser Paul Taubman sent us daily e-mails with an idea to write about. I didn't use these prompts every day, but they were useful for the days my brain refused to engage. I'll be going through those e-mails and writing all those prompts down for future ideas. I'll add to them as I spot good ideas while reading elsewhere.

Perfect Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

For any future challenge, I'll get myself better prepared - a few posts outlined in advance, a general overall plan, lots of relevant images etc. This is particularly important for me as I only have access to my PC a couple of days a week. My laptop is great for writing and surfing the net, but not so good for using photo editing software.

I would also have liked to include different media, such as videos. Explaining a process in words can be difficult and lead to misunderstandings - how much better to show how to divide plants, for instance, than write out a long-winded explanation. That's going to be a whole new learning curve.

Fellowship of Writers

I read a lot of my fellow writers' blogs over the month and really enjoyed them. One stark lesson I learned, however, was the importance of the font used. A clear sans-serif font made reading articles easier and more pleasurable. I stopped reading one blog because, while pretty to look at, it was, surprisingly, a strain to read.

The next Ultimate Blog Challenge will be in October - I'll be ready for it! Will you join us?

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Aug 01, 2023

Janice, I've enjoyed your posts! Congrats on completing the Challenge! Hope to see you again in October.


Jul 31, 2023

YAY CONGRATULATIONS on completing the July UBC! I love your minions! Yes keeping on target is what we have to do and like you mentioned, smaller blogs or even photos are great. I usually have topics in mind but I don't write all my blogs before hand. If I get stuck on a topic I look through my photos and can usually find a blog to write! I'll see you in October!!


Jul 31, 2023

YEAH! Way to go, it takes a lot of commitment to finish and you did it! I am now on my 104th of 365 days in posting and it is work to make it happen every day, but like you I am finding it very worthwhile! I can't wait to meet up again in the next UBC. Take care and God bless. Cindy Rae


Jul 31, 2023

Congratulations to you for completing the UBC challenge for July. For me, I didn't blog for 31 days at UBC due to other commitments. By the way, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and letting me know that you'd like us to continue our blogging connection. Let's do it. :-) - Danwil Reyes

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