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When Days Don't go to Plan - Run with it.

Three great tits feeding from a coconut shell on a feeding station.
Three Great tits at breakfast. Photo by Janice Gill

Today, plans went awry. It happens and we deal with it as best we can.

I've been staying at my daughter's house for a few days helping out with two of my grandchildren who are both under three years old.

The morning started off as planned - I planted out some spinach in one of the raised beds and planted up cucumbers in larger pots.

Then came the rain so plans were abandoned. Instead my daughter and I set off to do other chores including picking up a prescription from the doctor's surgery and taking it to the pharmacy.

Here, everything came unhinged; the car refused to climb the hill on the way to the surgery and we had to limp back to her house. We set off in my car instead but we had a bigger problem on our hands. I needed to get home in my car tonight, but I didn't want to leave my daughter and her children without a car all weekend. There is only one bus a day through the village she lives in.

So, I'm travelling home, a journey of 125 miles, with my daughter and grandchildren. This will impact on my evening which I should be using to write a blog post.

But I can't miss a day - I'm on the Ultimate Blog Challenge and have to post every day for the month of July.

Guess what - this is my blog post written in a few spare minutes while my daughter picks up her children from their nursery.

Of course, had I been organised, I would have had a spare post or two done in advance. That was the plan for this weekend.

My post about Great tits will have to wait for another day.

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3 comentarios

06 jul 2023

Just pick up the pieces and keep on keeping on.

Me gusta

Angie Vallejo
Angie Vallejo
06 jul 2023

But when plans go awry -- it's great to have someone to depend on, and your daughter has you!

Me gusta

Dominique W. Brooks
Dominique W. Brooks
06 jul 2023

Now I am curious about what you were planning to write about...

Don't keep us waiting!

Have a lovely day and night with your family!

Me gusta
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