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Tuna Fried Rice - Quick, Simple and Protein Rich

I created this recipe when my children were young, and it was difficult to take a long time over preparing a meal. It also happens to be high in protein, great for those over 60, who need more protein in their diet.

It's an all-in-one pot recipe that requires the use of just a wok or a large, heavy frying pan. It takes less than 10 minutes to prepare and the same to cook.


Serves 4

Tuna (280g)

Basmati rice (ready-cooked - 2 packs)

Cheddar Cheese (80g sliced)

Peas (Frozen - 80g )

2 Eggs, whisked (Large)

Spinach, chopped finely (20g)

1 tbsp Basil (dried)

1 tbsp Mixed herbs

Tomato puree (1/3 tube, 50g)

Worcestershire Sauce to taste

Olive oil to stir fry.


Heat the oil in the wok or frying pan until hot (a drop of whisked egg sizzles well)

Add the whisked eggs and stir so the eggs resemble chopped-up omelette.

Add the cooked rice and stir well for 1 minute.

Stir in the tomato puree until all the rice grains are coated.

Add the tuna and stir for another minute.

Add spinach and peas and keep stirring for another minute.

Add the herbs and stir in well.

Stir in the cheese until it just starts to melt.

Remove from the heat and add the Worcestershire sauce to taste.

Cheddar cheese, not too thinly sliced

The Tuna Fried Rice should have lumps of gooey cheese in each portion, so don't make your slices too thin or cook for very long after adding it.

This recipe serves 4 adults as a weekday, all-in-one meal. You can make it go a bit further by adding a side salad or incorporating beansprouts or baby corn on the cob.

You can also pep this recipe up with warm spices such as star anise, ginger, cinnamon and chilli.

Top Tip - Keep this stir fry moving to stop it from sticking. Add a little more oil if necessary.

This recipe was a family favourite when my children were growing up. Their children also love it. I would show you my 18-month-old granddaughter's face after she ate hers today, but she may never forgive me when she's a teenager.

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