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The Sunday After

Updated: Jul 27

Pollen covered queen bee resting on my finger tip
Brave Buff-Tailed Queen Bee on my finger by Janice Gill

Brave Queen buff-tailed bee Rests weightless on my finger Bee whispering buzz!


Yesterday, we were visiting my daughter, who lives 200 miles away in a village near Cardiff, Wales. It was her and her husband's 17th wedding anniversary, so I was babysitting while they had a well-deserved evening out.

My daughter works as a doctor while her husband looks after their three children. It's not often in the UK that a parent can remain at home bringing up the children, but it was certainly helpful for Covid lockdowns when Mum was a key worker.

After driving back today, there isn't much time or energy for creating a blog post. Hence I'm posting the photo and Haiku above, which I previously published on Medium.

If you'd like to see more of my writing and photography, you can find me here.

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