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The Joy of Grandchildren

Mandarin duck swimming in a river
Mandarin Duck by Janice Gill

I've been thinking a lot about my grandchildren today. I have six of them, three girls and three boys. I get to see the youngest two every week, but the rest much more rarely.

It's one of the boys' birthday in August, and I'll be visiting next weekend. It's his parents' anniversary on July 22nd, so I'll be babysitting their three children while they have a meal out. One of the things that has got me thinking is what to give the soon-to-be-three-year-old for his birthday.

I had a look around while I was out today, but nothing jumped out at me. He's mad on ducks, but none of the toys featured ducks. I had thought of getting some jersey cotton printed with ducks and making a t-shirt. Again nothing jumped out at me. Until that is, I spotted some gorgeous trousers with appliqued bugs on them.

No, I didn't buy them, but they gave me a great idea. I could use plain fabric and applique a duck on the front of a hoodie. My daughter, who was with me (buying a sledgehammer and a cast iron enamelled roasting dish - don't ask!), suggested a pair of ducks as pockets. Having had an afternoon to cogitate, the design has morphed. It's now going to be a hoodie, brown on the front, grey on the back and sleeves with an emerald green hood lined in deep blue. Oh, and a beak sticking out of the hood, which also has appliqued eyes.

Mallard duck swimming on calm water at a nature reserve near Newport, Wales
Mallard Duck by Janice Gill

Hopefully, he'll recognise it as a Mallard duck with two chicks on a kangaroo pocket. I'll have until next Wednesday to make it. No pressure. Guess I'll be fabric shopping tomorrow - what a shame :) !

All this designing on the hoof reminded me of something my youngest grandson said while we were travelling in the car yesterday.

"Imagination is the best story in the world, ever."

Children say such amazing things, and it's a joy to listen to them.

Mallard duckling swimming in still water
Mallard Duckling by Janice Gill

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תגובה אחת

Angel Lewis
Angel Lewis
14 ביולי 2023

Your post reminded me how blessed I am to live with my granddaughter. At 4 she can really work that last nerve - especially when she's tired (or I am). Enjoy making his birthday present and please share pictures of the finished project!

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