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The Day After a Month's Rain in 36 hours.

This is the flooding we can see in the valley below us now that storm Babet has continued on its way.

The cloud has broken, and the wind has died down a little, but this won't be the worst of the flooding.

Two rivers meet here, the Vyrnwy and the Severn. The Severn rises near the west coast of Wales in the Plynlimon mountains while the source of the river Vyrnwy is Lake Vyrnwy in North Powys.

The time it takes for rainfall from these vast areas to reach the confluence of these rivers means river levels will continue to rise till Tuesday.

There is time now for people and livestock to get to higher ground, but they'll leave behind possessions that are irreplaceable. The clean-up will take weeks and more lost lives may yet be attributable to this violent weather.

Personally, we are lucky, living on high ground, though we are marooned until the roads are passable. We'll offer what support we can to those evacuating the valley, but it will never be enough.

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22 thg 10, 2023

How frightening to not be able to do enough. Will be praying for you and others.



22 thg 10, 2023

Stay safe and I’m saying a prayer for those who are affected by the terrible weather.

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