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Thank You for All the Love and Prayers

Leggings for a toddler with halloween themed images of pumpkins, cats, ghosts etc.
Halloween Leggings for a Toddler by Janice Gill

First of all, I'd like to say a huge thank you for all the well wishes and prayers for my granddaughter. She has now turned a corner, her breathing is less laboured and she has been able to eat small amounts.

She still screams the house down when we try to give her the medication she must take for 5 days. It takes two of us to get it done. Some smiles have returned and she even sang along to the theme tune for Winnie the Pooh this evening.

So, once she had fallen asleep, it was time for a little me time. Nothing makes me feel better than creating something and what better to make than something for a child who's poorly and needs cheering up?

These leggings took just over an hour to make. It's a pattern I've used many times for all of my grandchildren. I love the colours in the fabric and both my daughter's children love the fun of Halloween. It seems to be more of a thing than it was when I was a child.

I find sewing a wonderfully relaxing hobby and the sense of achievement is a great mood booster when times are tough. It also keeps my brain active as I learn new techniques and work out the instructions for new patterns.

I'll post a picture of the little one wearing them when she's feeling better!

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3 comentarios

25 oct 2023

I remember those days when I was a kid and hated being given medicine. Glad your granddaughter is doing better!

Me gusta

25 oct 2023

So glad your granddaughter is doing better. Love the leggings and I'm sure they will look real cute on her!

Me gusta

25 oct 2023

Wonderful news Janice. I am so your grand daughter is doing better! I love the leggings you made for her. Isn't wonderful how our skills can refresh us and bring so much joy! Rest while you can!

Me gusta
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