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Moth Heralds the Halfway Point (UBC Day 15)

Brown and orange moth on wooden shelf.
Herald moth takes up residence. Photo by Janice Gill

First of all, I must assure you no creatures were harmed in the creation of this post. This Herald Moth has taken up residence in an outbuilding at the bottom of my garden purely voluntarily.

Apparently, this species overwinters as an adult in barns, sheds and other sheltered spots. I had plans for the shelf, which was propped in a corner of the shed, but I couldn't bring myself to turf this gorgeous insect out.

They are one of the first moths to be seen in spring and the last in autumn. They are mostly nocturnal, feeding after dark on over-ripe berries or nectar-rich flowers.


Today is day 15 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, and I'm still on target, having completed a post each day. The effects of consistently posting are starting to be noticeable as an uptick in traffic and lots of comments.

I've also challenged myself to get out in nature with my camera every day for the month.

Despite a difficult day, I managed to walk for half an hour. It's been a sunny, refreshing day, if a bit on the cool side, so it wasn't too difficult to get going. Wet days are much more challenging. I have to persuade myself I'll get some interesting photos of subjects I don't commonly see.

I also have to remember how low I become if I give in to the temptation to hibernate. Unlike that Herald Moth, I can't sleep away winter and pop out refreshed in spring.

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Martha DeMeo
Martha DeMeo
Oct 15, 2023

I love seeing the different types of moths! This one is beautiful and yes we made it half way so far!


Oct 15, 2023

Well done for going out with your camera today, even though maybe you wanted to hibernate. I'm the same, I need to keep reminding myself how much good the outdoors does me. Sometimes it's hard, but it's worth it.


Oct 15, 2023

What a beautiful moth. I dont' think I could have turned it out either! I need to get motivated and get walking also. Thanks for the encouragement! Cindy Rae

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