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Long-Eared Owl (Asio Otus) - UBC Day 22

long eared owl with tufts slightly raised is perched on the stump of a branch against a background of natural woodland with beautiful bokeh.
Long-eared owl (Asio Otus) by Janice Gill

It's day 22 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC) and today's photograph is of the Long-eared Owl, one of just six owl species native to the British Isles.

One of my favourite days out is to visit a bird or animal sanctuary on "photographer days". In this case, I visited the British Wildlife Centre in Surrey.

When you visit on a photographer's day, you get to see the birds and animals without fencing between you and them and the keepers try to ensure there is a natural background for you to shoot against.

For some creatures, you will be inside their enclosure and for some the creatures will be outside with you.

In the case of the Long-eared owl above, the location was woodland about half a mile from the centre.

The deep orange eyes and white eyebrows are distinguishing features of this medium-sized owl, setting it apart from the Tawny Owl.

The tufts of feathers, which are not really ears, are raised when the bird is alarmed. They are only just visible here, so this owl is attentive but unflustered.

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