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Lifelong Learning - Use it, Don't lose it

Updated: Jul 27

Four how to books on a quilt - quilting, willow weaving, wire weaving, gouache.
Small fraction of my "how to" books by Janice Gill

This is day 24 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. This time next week, it will be the last day.

Taking part in challenges like this teaches a lot and is just one of the ways we can keep on learning.

Learning is one of the most important ways of keeping our brains healthy. It's easy to forget that, as with every muscle in our body, if we don't use it, we lose it. If we don't exercise our bodies, they become frail and weak; so too with our brains.

It's a myth that as people get older, their brains are incapable of learning. We may find it a little slower, but we're still capable. To avoid age-related degeneration, it's important to keep on learning. Here's an article on the other things you can do to keep your brain in tip-top condition.


MYTH - A false belief or misconception that is widely held


I'll be 61 this year and have just completed a course in Proofreading and attained a Merit. As a writer without the benefit of an editor and proofreader on my blog, I felt this training was important to help my writing become more readable. I'm now doing an editing course, too, so I can offer my services to other writers.

Of course, learning doesn't have to be academic, as you can see from my books above. It can equally include all the things that bring you joy. If you love painting, why not study the methods of an artist you admire? You could learn a new craft or how to cook a different cuisine. Choosing something you enjoy helps in the learning process.

My favourite method of learning is always by doing, so I'm always excited by a good "how to" article. We have so much free access to almost anything we want to learn about on the internet you're sure to find something to pique your interest.

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