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Lake Vyrnwy Walks - Challenge Day 5

Sunset over Lake Vyrnwy with peach and pink reflections and silhouetted hills.
Lake Vyrnwy Sunset. Photo by Janice Gill

Yesterday, the photograph for Wordless Wednesday was of Lake Vyrnwy. It was taken from the picnic site on the opposite side of the lake to the Victorian water tower.

The lake itself is actually a reservoir built in the 1880s to supply the city of Liverpool with drinking water. It was created by building a dam on the River Vyrnwy, flooding the steep-sided valley. It took a year to fill, is 4.5 miles long, and half a mile wide.

There is plenty of interest in the area for nature lovers, with way-marked walks through a variety of landscapes from organic hill farms to ancient woodlands, wetlands to moorlands. Within the 24,000-acre estate, which is a national nature reserve, there are a number of habitats with special scientific designations due to the rarity of plant or animal life. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) runs 3 bird hides (and has a shop close to the lake) where rare species may be spotted.

The main walks vary in length from a mile to over 5 miles. The walk (or cycle) around the lake is approximately 12 miles. There is something suitable for all levels of fitness, with some steep climbs and descents on the more difficult routes but level walking on others.

Wednesday's walk was a challenge with two steep climbs and a steep descent. It starts at the car park near the dam, level with the lake and rises high above the surrounding area with fabulous panoramic views. The circular route is about 3 miles long.

After the gentle first three days of my challenge, this was a hard workout for me. I was glad of the fluid provision I'd taken with me, and the waterproof, breathable walking shoes that I love.

Lake Vyrnwy with white clouds and blue skies reflected in the water
Lake Vyrnwy Reflections. Photo by Janice Gill

This kind of walk is great for your cardiovascular system and much better for your mental health than the gym. Build up slowly to this level of difficulty if you are not a regular walker.

Thursday's walk was much easier and took in Rhiwargor Waterfall. This is a trail I've walked many times with my children when they were young - they are now in their thirties. Allowing time for reminiscences, photographing rare plants and enjoying the view, I spent a lovely couple of hours until rain stopped play!

It's a fairly easy walk across fields, following old dry stone walls, and alongside the river on dirt paths. The surface is often uneven as it's naturally formed by animal and human footsteps. Birdsong, rushing water and wind through the trees provide a natural soundtrack. A fabulous route for recharging the batteries.

The first five days of the Ultimate Blog Challenge have gone smoothly so far, and I'm keeping up with my daily "walking with my camera" challenge. From now on things may get a little more difficult. One day at a time!

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2 opmerkingen

06 okt. 2023

What a beautiful journey through Lake Vyrnwy! The stunning photograph and captivating description truly transported me to this serene location. It's inspiring how walking in nature can benefit our physical and mental well-being. Keep up the fantastic work, one day at a time! ~ Florence C.


06 okt. 2023

I would love to live someplace where I can walk in such a gorgeous setting. We went to Acadia National Park a few weeks ago which was gorgeous. No reason you can't revisit these places and take pictures if the leaves change color. I'd love to see that. You really have an eye for nature photos. - Elisa

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