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It's the Weekend - Still keeping Busy

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Dark clouds building in a blue sky
Clouds Building

It may be Sunday, but the garden doesn't stop growing. While it's not raining, which may not be for long, some control has to be exerted on an exuberant Mother Nature. My landlord likes the garden to look more traditional than I would like, so with a heavy heart, I've scythed down the nettles under the pear tree. Personally, I like to keep a wildlife area, and stinging nettles provide protection for a range of insects and their larvae. I've spotted Comma Butterflies, Red Admirals and ladybirds in the last few days.

Red Admiral butterfly rests on a stinging nettle
Red Admiral on Stinging Nettle

As the rain has started, it's a good time to get this blog post started before lunch. The Ashes cricket between England and Australia is on the radio while I work. The rain is also threatening there.

Later on, there is a visit to my Mother-in-law to fit in, dinner to prepare (Sea Bass with new potatoes and veg) before driving to my daughter's house, ready to help with her children tomorrow while she works.

Hopefully, I'll get out in the garden with my camera in between the showers. I really want a good image of the electric blue butterflies I've seen this morning.

Orange and brown marked Comma Butterfly on Stinging nettle leaf
Comma Butterfly on Stinging Nettle.

Tomorrow is the last day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, and I'll be writing about what I've learned from a month of daily blogging. If you are thinking about taking on one of these challenges, take a look at my final post for some hints and tips on how to get it done from someone who had only half a dozen posts in several months before this challenge!

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Jul 30, 2023

It sounds like every day in the garden is an adventure 😎



Jul 30, 2023

I love your photos! The butterflies are beautiful. I wish we could get some of that rain you mentioned. It will be 101 today and we have had no rain for 2+ weeks. Getting dry!


Jul 30, 2023

I love watching the butterflies fluttering around our garden! Your shots are absolutely beautiful! Yes one day left, it sees like a quick month!

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