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Creating for Grandchildren - UBC Day 7

galaxy print on a pinafore dress for a toddler with tools for dressmaking.
Galaxy Dress for my granddaughter by Janice Gill

It's the weekend and Day 7 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

The weekends are generally the time I get to do some fun stuff, which, for me is being creative.

I have six grandchildren, with two more on the way in November and creating for them is a favourite activity. The pinafore dress above was made for my youngest granddaughter who is just 20 months old.

Jersey fabric is lovely to work with if treated gently. The best machine I found for sewing it is an overlocker as it feeds both pieces of fabric evenly. For stitching where the overlocker can't be used, I use a quality sewing machine and the slightest of zigzags to maintain the stretch of the fabric.

The sewing machine I use is designed for quilting and as such, works admirably for all manner of dressmaking.

Quilt top with Space Shuttle central motif surrounded by galaxies, planets, moons, and space stations.s.
Quilt top for Grandson, who is mad on space by Janice Gill

As well as clothes it's fun to create heirlooms such as this quilt. Made with 100% craft cotton and layered with cotton wadding it will last for many years. The (almost) finished top is shown below with the reverse side shown folded up. Just a few more threads to tidy up before I give it to my grandson.

Completed quilt with reverse fabric of planets showing as a folded up corner.
Completed quilt showing reverse side and edging.

Aside from sewing I also enjoy knitting and crochet. I might even make something for myself! My Mum taught me to knit as a child. The first thing I made was a scarf. I wanted it to look like the one Tom Baker wore as Doctor Who. For some reason, it got wider and wider as I went along. I eventually got the hang of it and I kept myself in baggy jumpers while I was at University.

As you can tell from the white hair, the garment below was created much more recently.

A circular panel in a lace design creates the main body of this jacket in shades of blue.
Me showing off my crocheted jacket. Photo taken by my husband.

I completed a half-hour walk today to maintain my challenge. With a number of chores to complete, I kept to the local lanes. A strong wind was blowing, so I struggled to get the pictures I wanted. There was some beautiful Scarlet pimpernel in the wayside and tiny yellow flowers of Lesser Trefoil. The hedges surprised with Honeysuckle smelled before it was seen.

Overcast grey sky creates a somber setting for Rodney's Pillar on it's hilltop.
Rodneys Pillar from our garden.

So, our first week is complete, and both challenges are on target. I'm looking forward to some cheerful weather over the next few days to enjoy my nature walks with my camera.

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Janice you are so talented and I can read your joy in making special treasures for your family. They are blessed and so are you! I also love your words describing your walk, I felt like I could almost smell the honeysuckle! Thank you! Cindy Rae



Wow, how delightful! I'm tremendously inspired and impressed by your creative endeavors. It's wonderful to see how you use your weekends to engage in activities that bring you joy and allow you to express your creativity. Your passion for creating clothes and heirlooms for your grandchildren is certainly heartwarming. Hats off to you for successfully completing the first week of both your challenges! ~ Florence C.

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