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Chilean Guavas (Delicious & Easy to Grow)

Chilean Guavas looking like bright pink blueberries ripen in October.
Chilean Guava in my garden by Janice Gill

Long after all the other berries in my garden are gone, these Chilean Guavas, looking like hot pink blueberries, offer up a sumptuous treat.

They taste like wild, sweet strawberries and bring back fond memories of summer picnics to brighten a cold, wet Autumn day like today.

Mine are grown in large pots in a sheltered sunny spot. They prefer ericaceous compost but cope with any well-drained humus-rich soil as long as it is on the acid side. If you have chalky soil, it's best to grow this compact shrub in a good-sized pot.

The plant is evergreen and produces fragrant white flowers in the spring. By August there will be a host of deep red berries that gradually swell and ripen in October.

You can use them exactly as you would blueberries, but they are much more flavourful.

I stir them into my morning porridge, use them in muffins and make freezer jam. They taste amazing, picked fresh from the plant, in a fruit salad.

They freeze well to use in recipes later in the year. That's if you can bear to put any away. This year I plan to try creating an ice cream with them if my grandson doesn't eat them all before I get around to it!

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