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Bardsey Island recognised as International Dark Sky Sanctuary.

Man at the top of a hill looking towards the Milky Way.
Watching the Milky Way by Janice Gill.

On the 16th of August 2023 there is a new moon, giving astronomers and astrophotographers one of the best nights in the year to view our starry skies. Providing, of course, the weather plays ball.

I'll be hoping for cloudless conditions without haziness to give me the best chance of sharp images. In particular, I'm looking for wonderful shots of the Milky Way.

The first time I saw the milky way was at this time of year in the Peak District. The brilliance of the trail of stars across the sky was astonishing. I knew then I wanted to capture that feeling of awe forever.

So, for part of the week, including August 16th, I'll be on the Lleyn Peninsula camera in hand scouting out a light-pollution-free view across towards Bardsey. Much as I would have liked to be on the island itself, staying overnight requires you to be booked into accommodation for the entire week. Unfortunately, it was all fully booked by the time we enquired.

International Dark Sky Sanctuary recognition has been given to only 16 sites in the world at the time of writing this article. It means that dark sky status is protected for future generations with no developments allowed that will cause any light pollution.

Check-in at the end of that week to see if I get my dream shot.

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11 ago 2023

Oh, I am hoping you for your dream shot! I imagine the night sky must be beautiful at all phases of the moon, but new moons make me feel like anything is possible. - Jeanine,

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