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Ask me a Question - Challenge day 10.

Little Owl in waterciolour style, on log. facing to the right but head turned to viewer.
Little Owl on Log, Digital Artwork by Janice Gill

While completing the Ultimate Blog Challenge, all the bloggers have been receiving daily ideas for creating a post. Today, I liked the idea and decided to use it. The suggestion was to invite your audience to ask a question related to the theme of your blog.

For my blog, that could be a rather open-ended book. After all, the blog is about being over sixty and what I do to keep happy, healthy and fulfilled.

So, I'm limiting questions to the creative pursuits I produce for shows and exhibitions. Ask me anything about Digital Photography, Photoshop, and Watercolour Painting.

I may also be persuaded to talk about making quilts and clothes, as I've shown those here.

So fire away in the comments.

Longtailed tit perched on a filled half coconut with a background of snow. and evergreen shrubs
Longtailed Tit at Garden Feeder, Photo by Janice Gill

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