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5 Reasons to Love Clumber Park

Red Field poppies, yellow California poppies, Blue cornflowers and more dazzle in this wildflower garden
Wildflower garden at Clumber Park.

I am a huge fan of the National Trust. I love its ethos - in particular," looking after nature for everyone, for ever."

Clumber Park is one of their greatest successes.

The Estate was bought in 1946, by which time the mansion had already been sold off piece by piece, along with the contents and most of the statuary. There remains a central collection of buildings, a Gothic Revival Chapel (considered a masterpiece) and Hardwick village, built to house the estate workers.

Clumber Park now encompasses 3800 acres of land to explore, which you can do by bicycle, on foot or with free hire of mobility scooters.

I visited here on a brilliantly sunny day with my daughter and her two children, both under three. Here's what we found to love.

A basket swing held by wooden log framework stands in front of a wooden play castle, all encompassed by 200 year old trees.
Part of the Woodland Play Area at Clumber Park.

  1. Wildflower gardens - Instead of formal bedding at the visitor facilities, there were three large areas of glorious wildflowers. The seeds sown were designed to keep the beds in flower from spring right through to autumn.

  2. Woodland Play Park - Superbly designed play area for children from 1 to 99. Much of the adventure-style equipment was made from natural materials, and everything was under the dappled shade of enormous trees. We spent more than an hour there, mostly on our own, though I suspect that was because most children would have been in school.

  3. Accessibility - With two pushchairs for the toddlers and all their paraphernalia, some places we have visited can be hard to access. Here the paths are wide and well-maintained. We encountered a number of wheelchair users and seniors with other walking aids who also appreciated the ease with which they could enjoy the estate.

  4. Wildlife - The Serpentine Lake plays host to a range of waterfowl, including Geese, Swans, Ducks and Coots. On our visit, there were also myriad Damsel and Dragonflies near the water, plus butterflies and bees at the wildflower garden. We also saw a variety of small birds, with the children excited to have a chaffinch come close, picking crumbs from under the outdoor picnic tables. The Discovery Centre identifies the impressive array of wildlife that calls Clumber home.

  5. Kitchen Garden - The walled kitchen garden covers an impressive 4 acres divided into smaller sections, including fruiting plants, orchards, the national collection of Rhubarb varieties and, of course, vegetables. All this is topped off with a huge glass house running the entire width of the garden.

A tall wooden instrument fascinates a child at Clumber Park.
Wooden musical instrument in the Woodland Play Park at Clumber.

Our stay lasted 3 hours, by which time the children were tired. For a future visit, we plan to spend most of the day here and have a picnic lunch. there is so much to explore, and we barely scratched the surface.

There is a fantastic Summer of Play starting on the 22nd of July, which includes storytelling, role play, a sensory tent, an artists' area, as well as traditional games.

I think we may be visiting several times this summer!

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Jul 08, 2023

This place sounds like heaven! You are very lucky to have it nearby. I agree that the National Trust is one of the best things ever created for the country and its people.


Dominique W. Brooks
Dominique W. Brooks
Jul 08, 2023

This sounds like a fun place to spend a day! With kids of all ages or even by yourself with a book one day!


Tamara Gerber
Tamara Gerber
Jul 08, 2023

Clumber Park sounds like a wonderful place to explore. I like that you determined it's suitable for children from 1 to 99 ;-)))


Jul 08, 2023

WOW I can see why you were there 3 hours! I love the flowers and how great to have a play area for children. Where is this located?

Janice Gill
Janice Gill
Jul 10, 2023
Replying to

This is in Nottinghamshire, UK, close to Sherwood Forest

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